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Meet Joe and Angelique Mills

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Grammas Delicacies, is a 30 year old Veteran

owned business. Joe spent 20 years serving our country in the Air Force and retired.

Then we needed something to occupy their time, so they started cooking.

Grammas Delicacies, business produces and sells 100%, all natural seasonings,

BBQ sauces, jams, jellies and much more.

We also own and operate a food truck, serving Jamaican, Cajun and
American cuisine, which is licensed by the FDA and state of South Dakota.

In our food truck we create and cook restaurant quality foods, incorporating

all of our seasonings, rubs and sauces. You may call us if you need to purchase

our products or follow the link below to our sister site to place an order.

Either way, you will be getting our best South Dakota made products which are

low sodium, NO MSG, and gluten-free.

If you are in our area, check our schedule here or on Facebook,

come join us for lunch or(dinner)supper.

We do not have a restaurant, we operate solely from our food truck.

Thanks for stopping by,

Joe and Angelique Mills

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Interested in the spices I use?

The Meal in a Bag, jams, jellies, dill beans..

that I make?

Send me an email for pricing and shipping.


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Meals in a Bag, Spices, Sauces, Dips, Rubs and Seasonings, Jams and Jellies, BBQ sauces and Pickled items...

All made by Angelique and Joe.

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