I make special spice blends, all from scratch

from my garden.

There are several to choose from and I will 

have them all at my booth, at the upcoming 

South Dakota Stock show and rodeo.

Come by and have a sample.

Home made goodness

Made out of my garden in my commercial kitchen


$4.95 each package - Makes 2 cups

Gar - Garlic Dip

ChBacCh - Chili Bacon Cheese Dip

Bac - Bacon Dip

Spin - Spinach Dip

RaagCaj - Ragin Cajun Dip - Spicy

Celery Dip

Veg - Veggie Dip

Dill Dip

Ranch Dip/Dressing

Salsa dip/Mix

Jams n Jellies $6.45 jar 8oz

AB - Apple Butter

WPl - Wild Plum

Jal - Jalapeno

ChCh - Choke Cherry

RhStr - Rhubarb-Strawberry

PHab - Peach Habanero