Brookings Art Festival

We recently did an event in Brookings, SD and here are all of my hats, purses, and shawls.

Send me an email if you have any questions.

Have a blessed day.

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100% hand made woolen hats knitted then felted from sheeps wool and mohair, each hat is uniquely decorated. No two are alike.

Very easy to care for, hand wash and dry over a plastic bowl or return to me and I will wash

and return for a minimal fee.

Sizes are :

Small - 21" around

Medium - 23"

Large - 24" Around

To determine your size, measure around your head just above the ears. The tape should not be tight. Allow a little slack. If it is too tight you will be uncomfortable and may get a headache. Most colors are available.

How I make my hats

Here you will see the pictures of how

I make the hats, that you will fall in love with.

Once I have made the hats, they are put

in the washer to 'felt'.

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Washing and spinning the yarn to make felt hats.

This particular green is Merino, mohair and rabbit fur.

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Then I take them out and they drain

on a rack on an absorbent cloth.

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Once they have drained sufficiently, I shape them and then put them in a case where they dry.

Once dry, I decorate them.

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